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Years of experience in packaging one-stop service

Focus on design, production, sales and service package; Own modern management workshop, optimized processing technology, perfect management process, fast supply for customers.

Green production, cost-effective excellent

All the production workshops are in line with environmental standards, and the process is completed in the workshop itself. Eliminate excess circulation fees and help customers save costs.



Excellent quality keep improving

Quality is the principle that we live by. Innovation is our source. Focus on excellence and challenge "0" quality.

Timely delivery and excellent service

Professional service team, perfect management system, strict operation process, fully meet the short delivery time requirements of customers, solve problems for you at the first time, and protect the interests of customers.


Dongguan Kaishunjie Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Kaishunjie Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of various clothing trademarks, silicone gum, silicone thermal transfer, PVC rubber seal, silicone products, washing label printing and all kinds of garment accessories production, sales in together.Dongguan Kaishunjie Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 in the world famous manufacturing city - Guangdong Dongguan. Since its establishment, we have established a “one-stop” service system from design, development, production to logistics and distribution, and established a scientific and standardized management system. The main production and sales: silicone plastic (silicone), silicone thermal transfer, silicone products, PVC rubber, voltage, clothing trademarks. Maximize the needs of customers such as clothing, bags, shoes and hats, handbags, toys, electronics, etc. With the advent of the era of the global village, and the rapid advancement of science and technology and the further......



 Dongguan senle packaging paper co. LTD    
Main production and sales: silicone rubber planting, silica gel heat transfer printing, silica gel products, PVC rubber seal, voltage, clothing trademark, etc

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